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Travelling enables us to break free from the monotonous routine in our daily lives as well as exploring a whole new world which our forefathers have little opportunity in doing so. The current globalisation as well as rapid advancement in transport has made travelling more convenient and cheap. With that being said, travelling is definitely on everyone’s mind and will continue to do so at some point in life. However, most people neglect the best possible point in life to travel – while we’re still young.

In my opinion, the best time to travel is before you jump into the corporate world. As an undergraduate student, I have a 3 month long summer break which gives me ample period of time to travel as well as find a part time job to finance the holiday. Some people prefer getting an internship but personally, the pros of travelling outweighs those of an internship.

Travelling as a young adult means we are more energetic, enabling us to cover more of a distance when we’re travelling. Also, we are adapt and adjust quicker to the surroundings. The only reason I can think of that is stopping young people from travelling is money and security, and this is why I’m writing this article to offer some tips on how to get over these hurdles.


Being cost efficient


Most people nowadays are tech-savvy, so instead of getting someone to get the best discounts for you i.e a travelling agency, you should do the research yourself. You would be surprised that there are much cheaper deals out there then getting a tour package from an agency! Most hostels and hotels around the world offer discounts for early birds so as to maximize their vacancy rates, and hence booking early is the way to go to save money. Also, the emergence of budget carriers have help travellers save a ton of money.


I went to Seoul last year and paid $1000 for an economy class round trip ticket in Korean Air. This year, my round trip ticket to Korea only cost me $350 by Scoot. The enormous difference in price is due to the early booking, and of course, travelling on a budget carrier.



The view at Haeundae Beach, Busan. 


Venturing into the Unknown


The most advantageous benefit that young travelers get is their ability to adapt to the surroundings easily, so don’t be afraid to travel to a country you never been to before. In the global diaspora that we are living in now, most natives citizen are receptive to tourists! So don’t hesitate to ask for directions even if you don’t speak their native language.


Being adaptable also means being able to live in cheap places. There are an increasing number of hostels and guesthouses catering to tourists. Of course, these places are unable to compete with hotels in terms of comfort. Nonetheless, because we would usually be out venturing places in the day, sacrificing comfort to save money is pretty well worth it. Oh, and it’s important to not go full YOLO just because you want to save money. It’s always good to read up on places you are going to stay or venturing to, as you do not want to stay in a hostel that is run-down and unclean.


Being Prepared


Research on getting a prepaid sim card overseas! It would greatly help in staying contactable. It also keeps you connected to the distracting important internet. The power of the internet such as GPS tools, enable you to roam a foreign country without the fear of getting lost. Also, it’s important to get travel insurance, to ensure you have something to fall back on in case of any mishap.



 Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan


Making full use of your trip


A holiday to me is experiencing the way of living in another country. Having a 4D3N holiday will rarely be enough to fully explore the way of life in a foreign country. The benefit of travelling as a young adult is the abundance of time. So do not be afraid to take a month off for your holiday. Travelling for a long period helps to lessen the damage of the air ticket to your finances that you paid for too!


Moreover, the ample time you have enables spontaneity. You do things based on your mood instead of accomplishing a mission to complete the ‘itinerary’. After all, holidays are about relaxing and recuperating. Imagine not having plans the night before you start your day, and suddenly deciding to travel to the countryside in the morning. It truly adds a lot of purpose (being unrestrained) and the feeling of ‘living like a native’.


I’m feeling a lot of nostalgia while writing this article, I went to South Korea with my friends on a one month trip and made many awesome friends there, towards the end of the trip I actually felt more like a native there although I couldn’t read or speak Korean. I hope to persuade you readers, especially the younger generation reading this article, to travel early before it’s too late! Once you start working, the heavier responsibilities on your back means lesser opportunity to travel. 



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