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My colleagues when I was working at Mitsubishi Elevators
Many have asked why I choose working for myself over working for someone else. My reasoning is pretty simple.
To work for yourself entails longer working hours (at first) and higher risk, compared to working for others which gives a more stable income and working hours.
However, with the longer working hours and higher risk brings about greater reward. To retire early, I guess you have to really make a lot of money and it’s pretty hard to attain that when you work for others. 
“The average gross monthly salary of SMU graduates in full-time employment is a record $3,455″ – this is taken from the SMU’s website. How long do you think you’ll work for to earn enough to retire? While this sum is relatively high compared to the average gross monthly salary of workers as a whole in Singapore, it’s far from what you need to retire early. 
When I choose to work for myself, I enjoy greater freedom. That’s really important to me. Also, if you work for yourself and you actually find/invent something useful or identify a gap in the market, you stand to earn a ton of money in a short time. Look at the world’s richest people. They made their fortunes through being an employer and not an employee.
I’d choose being a chairman over a CEO. 
When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered that I wanted to be a rich man’s son. It’s now changed to ‘I want to be a rich man’. I don’t give definite answers to the job or industry that I’d like to be in, because that would limit my horizons. It’s important to be flexible and look for opportunities everywhere. 
Working for others does have its benefits – a stable income, stable working hours and you know what to expect. It’s good to work for others, but what’s always on my mind is active learning and experience. If say, I were to open a restaurant (it’s a small dream of mine), I’d find work at a restaurant first to learn everything I can. Of course, this doesn’t really apply to internet money because all the information you’d need is on the internet. That’s why while I am still in school, I’ll try my best to make some money on the internet.
Try preparing an answer for a situation where someone asks you, ‘why be an entrepreneur?’.
You may surprise yourself. 

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