What are Private Blog Networks and how are they linked to SEO? I’ll be answering this question in this article, stay put!



Developing your own Private Blog Networks. or PBN, is an extremely effective way to build backlinks and acquire traffic for your website and its pages. But how exactly do these private blog networks work and more importantly, how do they help?



The first thing we have to find out, is what exactly a Private Blog Network involves.



A private blog network is actually a network of websites, or more accurately, a network of blog-based websites which share link juice and traffic through the links that are built between them. Every single blog in PBNs are owned by the same person or people, thus giving them full control over the quality of the content in the websites and also the links which these blogs have.



It is important to keep this network of websites private because Google actively punishes websites who use them. In fact, if your footprints are not covered properly, Google can simply de-index your whole PBN, thus destroying all your work in an instant.



Another important characteristic of a Private Blog Network is that it will focus on a particular niche. For example, you could probably create a PBN around a niche like pizza and its different toppings. Then you would create multiple websites, each focusing on a particular aspect of pizza, like its ingredients, or famous places, or even its history.



When the micro niches in your PBN overlap with each other in terms of topic, it will be easy to build links between them to try and group them as a whole.



This is an effective SEO strategy because multiple domains and pages rank better when there are links shared between them



Advantages of Private Blog Networks:


  • You can herd your visitors to the website that you want the most traffic by emphasising it through your PBN
  • When one site receives a valuable link, it’s likely that the rest of the websites in the PBN will also benefit
  • You have multiple ways and ares to monetize
  • PBNs are one of the most effective ways for improving SEO



Cons of using a Private Blog Networks:


  • It’s expensive because you have to purchase multiple domains and hosting plans from different providers.
  • Time consuming – You need to have articles in every single website in your Private Blog Network. If you’re planning to outsource the article writing, it will also add to your costs.
  • High risk – it’s very easy to get found out if your tracks are not covered properly


There are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of using private blog networks:


  • The more blogs you have the in network, the better.
  • Always try to have variation in the website platform. Do not build all your websites on WordPress. Try Joomla or pure HTML.
  • Host these blogs on different IP addresses to cover your footprints
  • Remember to keep your websites professional – Google loves websites that offer good content. You should always keep this in mind.


I hope this article been helpful in answering the question of what are Private Blog Networks, I’ve written more articles on SEO, do continue browsing to find them!




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