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It’s an indisputable fact that Google is the internet’s premier search engine. Google’s dominance on the Internet has been well-documented and publicly known to everyone. However, there’s one little known fact – Google’s success has also contributed to a premium revenue source for many online marketers and webmasters.


Once you have mastered the art of Google Adsense, you’ll realise that Google is a virtual cash-cow. Attaining the top Google search position for a competitive keyword or keyword phrase is always desirable, and may even bring in a steady hands-free income for you.


No matter what other search engines like Yahoo or Bing may claim, one overarching fact that seasoned webmasters all know is that getting a top placement in Google will almost always bring in more traffic than a top search engine position in MSN or Yahoo combined! 


Therefore, it’s always good for webmasters to optimize their websites and keywords for Google in order to make a tidy profit. Optimizing your webpages for Google search is actually a complete industry in itself, in the form of SEO. However, if there’s one important tip to keep in mind, it’s that besides on-site SEO like keyword density or meta tags, Google also assigns a great amount of weightage on off-page links and anchor text from other websites. These are called backlinks.


Google ranks all websites on their database by a scale of PR0 to PR10, and what you should know is that the higher the PR your website has, the better. PR means page authority. If a website has a high PR, Google deems it to have good and relevant information. To have one-way links from high PR sites like CNN and BBC for example, directed to your keyword or website is highly valued and will definitely improve the ranking of your website.



Learn how you can make money through Google Adsense


This is one of the major factors why ‘article marketing’ is very relevant nowadays and why articles are major determinants to getting the top keywords placing in search engines. Consequently, they are therefore extremely important for making money off your website both directly and also indirectly from Google adsense.


There are countless strategies on the internet for attaining the top search positions in Google. All you need to do is find them, read on them, study them, and keep experimenting. Sooner or later, you’ll find something that really works for you. Then stick to it and scale up! 


Once there’s significant traffic visiting your website, you can use Google AdSense to earn revenue from your site or blog. Google AdSense helps bloggers and webmasters to earn advertising revenue through the placing of AdSense code on their websites. These Adsense codes include text links, images, or even banners! Furthermore, your AdSense ads will always be directly related to your page’s main keywords. There are specific keywords in special niches that will earn more revenue. These include the medical and law niches. Because AdSense ads are extremely targeted, they are an effective way of earning money from your website! You can read my 7 Google Adsense tips here, where I talk about the 7 top tips to optimize your Adsense earnings.


In addition, Google also gives marketers another option – you can attempt to pay your way onto Google’s first page results through the use of Google AdWords. This is the opposite of earning through Adsense – instead of earning from ads, you’re paying to place ads! Perfecting Adwords marketing is also an art form in itself; if you do it properly, you can build yourself extremely lucrative cash streams! 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on Making Money – Google Adsense. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below!



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