How to Make Money Blogging

A lot of people are wondering how to make money blogging. People look at a high profile blog and think that they can also do the same. Well, a blog might not bring a lot of fame but it can provide a passive income when done right.



Whether the revenue is enough to quit your job in Singapore depends on a number of factors. No matter how much money you make with your blog, you should only create a blog when you have a topic to write about that you find exciting. That way you’ll be having fun while making money online!



There are various ways to make money through blogging. It is recommended that you use a combination of different income generating methods to maximize your revenue potential. Some of the methods work for one type of blog but not on another. That’s why it is a good idea to try several methods to find out what generates the most revenue for your blog. Below are some ways on how to monetize your blog.



How to make money blogging


When you want to place an ad unit in your blog as one of the ways to make money through blogging, Google’s AdSense is the top choice for bloggers. It is easy to use and doesn’t need any knowledge in programming in order to incorporate it into one’s blog.All you need to do is to copy and paste the code to place where you want it in the blog.



AdSense is one of the biggest ad networks and provides a wide range of advertisers. Your blog can make money even if your niche is an obscure one. However, this method will only be feasible if you have high traffic on your website.


Amazon Associates

Another way on how to make money blogging is through Amazon Associates program. It gives the blog owner commission of the sales when consumers click through from the website to and buy something. The blogger earns money when people actually buy something from an online retail giant. The amount depends on what the consumers ordered and how many items were sold through the links in the blog.The Amazon Associates program and other affiliate programs are ideal for blogs that focus on products.


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Private Sponsorships

Once the blog becomes more established, another way on how to monetize your blog is through private sponsorships and ad sales. Private ads don’t just come to you. You need to go out and find advertisers who would want to place an ad in your blog. You need to convince the company that your blog has sufficient traffic, and the topic is relevant for products or services they offer.



This is very lucrative if your niche is a competitive one. Do you know that plastic surgeons pay Google up to $12 whenever someone clicks on their ads? If you can prove that having an ad on your site is more value for money than placing an ad on Google, you will have loads of companies to approach and sell.




When blogging, you provide information for free. One of the ways to make money through blogging is writing an e-book and selling it on the blog. The topic of the e-book must be relevant to the content of the blog. It’s always good to look around and see how other writers are writing. But you have to find your own voice to stand out.



Keep in mind that a blog will not make you into a millionaire right away. There are several ways to make money through blogging, and you need to be patient to find out what works for you and your blog.




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