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I started Tron Designs with William in April, 2014. I wasn’t even 21 then.
Many people ask why and how I started my first company. It’s a pretty simple story, but I’ll elaborate.
It first started when William and I decided to start a blog writing reviews about products. We had quite some trouble thinking of a name, and we decided to go with, where Raawe stood for Random And Awesome. It’s a really random name, but we’re not very creative people and so just went with it. We thought that content was more important than the domain name, and so Raawe stuck.
In the process of learning to create the blog, we slowly learned about how to create a website. We realised that sites with were extremely limited in the things that could be done. We couldn’t remove the .wordpress without paying an exorbitant sum, we couldn’t use custom themes, and the most important thing to us was that we couldn’t use plugins. It was essentially a closed system. So we did some research and found that WordPress is one of the most-used platforms for websites, but you had to get hosting and a domain name to install the software.
[ Also, while working on the blog, we had to find ways to help it gain traffic and exposure on the internet. I stumbled onto SEO, and started reading very deeply into it. It began a long learning process to how the intricacies of SEO worked, and I also learned about the different ways where people could cheat the search engine algorithm with black hat methods. It was a real eye-opening experience, and I’m glad I had experience with both white hat and black hat SEO. Of course, we made a few mistakes along the way but we learned from them and improved on what we could do. ]
After looking around, we found Byethost, which was a website that offered free hosting and domains (with restrictions of course). We experimented with it and realised that we could create some sample sites on it. I had the idea of offering our services and freelance as web designers. As I didn’t know coding, William was tasked with learning HTML and instead I focused on SEO, which is Search Engine Optimisation.
We started freelancing in November 2013, and decided to start our company in April 2014 with the revenue we made. It’s been a good run so far, but the web design market is really saturated. Instead, we’ve been slowing changing our direction towards a gap I see in the market, and we’re slowly preparing for the big move.
Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun ride.

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Hi, I'm Royce! I founded Mighty.Sg, an internet marketing company. I specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management. Oh, and I'm a student at Singapore Management University. Enjoy your visit here!

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