Hiruscar Post Acne Review
Ease of use
  • Visibly shrinks pores
  • Lightens the dark post acne marks
  • Stifles pimple growth
  • Effects not immediately apparent
  • Cannot apply over open wounds
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Hiruscar Post Acne Review


It’s been some time since I actually wrote a review, so today I’ll be writing a review about the Hiruscar Post Acne Gel cream. You can buy this at Watsons for about $18 for the small bottle (1og) and $21 (25g) for the big bottle.


I actually bought this one in Malaysia, but it’s sold in Singapore too.


Here’s a picture of it!:


Hiruscar Post Acne Review


If you look on Hiruscar’s website, you can see this:


Hiruscar Post Acne Review


This is its description:


Gel for pimple scars and dark marks. In collaboration with Medinova AG — Switzerland, Hiruscar Post Acne, a scar clear gel, is proven to improve depressed scars arising from pimple and help lighten dark spots and/or red marks. Hiruscar Post Acne contains MPS, Allium Cepa, Pionin (Quaternium-73) and other natural ingredients to improve pimple scars and may help the formation of new pimple scars. It provides fast, easy skin absorption with a pleasant and non-greasy texture. It can be used as a part of treatment regime and also can be used under make-up.


There are a few things it’s promoted to do. These are:


  1. Lighten your dark marks in 12 weeks
  2. Improve and smooth your depressed pimple scars
  3. Prevent pimple occurrence
  4. Tighten and shrink your pores


To be honest, I was rather skeptical about the claims but since Watson’s puts this product at the medicinal area, I decided to get it to see if it would work.


I used Hiruscar for about 3 weeks. While the instructions state at you’re supposed to apply it three times a day on affected areas, I didn’t really do it haha. I applied it when I remembered to, to a maximum of twice a day.


The gel is a light yellow colour, and it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. It doesn’t leave a greasy after-effect, and is fragrance-free.


While I didn’t really notice the effects day by day, after the 3 weeks of usage there was a noticeable difference. My pores became tighter and smaller. I was really surprised as I didn’t expect Hiruscar to make the difference it did. Even my friends commented on the difference. Although the effects were not noticeable by the day, after a period of usage the effectiveness of this post acne gel is pretty obvious! The dark spots on my face were also less visible.


I also noticed that there were less pimples growing. Hiruscar not only cured pimple scars but also reduced their number. Quite cool!


Oh yes, I was finishing this post and this point suddenly came to mind – you’re not supposed to apply Hiruscar on open wounds and pimples. I don’t know why, but maybe its cause the gel is rather potent? 


In conclusion, I would say that this is a product that everyone should try out if you have post acne scars. Just be patient and try to apply it 3 times a day (hahahaha) and maybe take a before and after photo to see the difference. It’s really effective, I recommend you try it!


  • If you’d like to purchase to purchase Hiruscar and grab free shipping while you’re at it, click below:



I hope you’ve enjoyed this Hiruscar Gel review. Thank you for reading! 



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