9 Article Marketing Tips


Is your business applying article marketing? If you aren’t, you’re losing out on a lot of business. Article marketing is important to every business – and here are some tips you can utilise to make the most of it.


1. Firstly, try to keep your articles relevant. If you’re in the dentistry industry, then your article has to be something about dentistry! This may seem like common sense, but you may be surprised to know how many writers flout this rule. It is important to do your research whenever you write an article, and also remember to include inside the article a link to your website.


2. Similar to what you often see on the television or read on newspapers, your articles should preferably be both newsworthy, and relevant to the current situation. This gives value to your readers, and they will be more inclined to finish reading the whole of your article. One good way to keep up with newsworthy topics is to subscribe to RSS feeds or email updates so you can keep up to date with the latest trends and happenings.


3. Remember to keep writing new articles. It would be even better if you could write follow-ups to previous articles you have written, because there may be new information or changes to the situation which you would like to share with your readers. It’s just like in Hollywood, where producers almost always produce sequels to big movies.


4. Always keep in mind the viral potential of your article. What this means is that you should try to write your articles such that your readers will want to share your article on social media – thus increasing your reader base. People may even contact you for writing services, earning you extra revenue!


5. Keep your articles readable, concise and understandable. Try to avoid complicated words. If your readers don’t understand, they won’t finish reading it! Also, you have to keep your readers engaged, and not bore them with technical jargon.


6. One important question that many new writers ask is just how many articles have to be written to get an increase in traffic. The simple answer is that nobody really knows, because it depends on the industry and the type of readers. But one thing to always keep in mind is the more articles, the better – as long as you keep to the rules and tips.


7. It’s always good to cross-reference between your articles. This gives an opportunity for your readers to read your other articles! It’s always good to gain more exposure for your articles.


8. Other than posting your articles on article directories or websites, you can always put the articles on your own website. If you’ve written many articles on similar topics, you can even combine them to create an e-book! You can then decide whether you want to give out the e-book for free, or charge for it by placing in on Clickbank or Amazon.


9. Provide RSS feeds on your own website. This way, readers who love reading your articles can be updated whenever you have a new article up on your blog! This increases readership. Don’t you want it?


There are 2 main ways that you can use to get into article marketing. The first way is to write your own articles, infusing your own character and writing style into it. The second way is to hire a talented writer, or even multiple writers to write your articles for you. Remember to check around so you know what the market price for writing articles is. I would say that a decent writer would probably charge around $1 per 100 words. However, magazine writers may charge up to $10 per 100 words. It all boils down to the kind of quality you’d like to have.


I hope this short write-up on article marketing tips has been informative to you – remember to share this post if you like it!


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