7 Google Adsense Tips


Thinking of monetizing your blog of website? Adsense is a good place to start. You are basically paid for each click a visitor puts on an ad that is placed on your website.


If you are already working within a niche, Google AdSense will search through your website’s content and offer you advertisements that are targeted at your niche/keywords. Because this process is automated, you don’t have to put much effort into constant maintenance. Isn’t that great? Adsense is a great money-making tool if you know how to use it properly. If you’re ready to start earning passive income through Google Adsense, here are 7 Google Adsense tips for top earnings!


Below are some easy Google Adsense tips that will give you great results.


1. Better Keywords


Effective Keywords are key to great Google Adsense earnings. You’re not going to rank easily if you’re targeting highly competitive keywords. If you’re just starting out, try targeting the less-competitive keywords. Your website will be easier to find, leading to more traffic and visits. If you’d like to find some low competition keywords, you can try the Google Adwords Planner. It’s free! Otherwise, you could write a comment in the comments section down below and I’ll send you some great keywords you could use!


2. Proper Keyword Density


It’s always good to check your keyword density for each article you place on your website or blog. Your keyword density is going to determine the how relevant your article is to the niche you’re targeting, which will then improve your traffic from the search engines. It naturally follows that the more traffic you get, the more clicks you’re going to have on your Google ads.


Furthermore, your keyword density is also going to determine the Google Ads that will be placed on your website. You wouldn’t want to have a facial product review site with Google ads that target dog breeding, do you?


Use a keyword density tool to help you check your keywords. The Yoast SEO plugin is great for this, and it’s free. You can read more about it in my post here.


3. Publish New Content Regularly


Writing new content everyday is great for SEO, and also informing the search engines that you have new information to be shared. This will generate traffic to your website. Remember to constantly check that you have the best keywords and density in your articles. Try to add a new page or article to your blog or website everyday. Every time you add a new page, the chances of people clicking on your Google Adsense will increase.


Google Adsense Tips


4. Choose The Best Format


Google Adsense comes in a lot of different orientations, be it vertical or horizontal. It’s advisable to use banners for the top, and the squares for the sides of your website. Personally, I feel that the best formats to use for your website are the 336×280 large rectangle ads, 160×600 skyscraper ads and the 300×250 medium rectangle ads.


5. Color Coordinate The Ads


When you’re using Google AdSense on your website, it would be good to try to make the Google ads look like a part of the site. If you’re more likely to click on something that doesn’t look like an advertisement, others will too! You should try to make it seem like they are clicking on a link that will take them to a different page on your site. This makes it more natural.


Make sure that the border colors, the background colors, link colors and the text colors are all matching according to your website. This can be done through your control panel! The colour palettes can also be adjusted to make create different varieties of colours when you have a visitor to your website.


6. Position The Ads Well


The position that your ads are in is one of the most important factors in getting your Google Adsense clicks. Whenever there’s traffic to your website, they will first glance at the headlines to see if the information you’re presenting on the website is relevant to what they are searching for. One of the best methods of positioning is to use these links as navigational links around your website.

Put your links at the top and bottom of the your content instead of the sides as far as possible. Remember that links that look natural with your website get the most clicks. Therefore, if you place these Google ads on the top and bottom of your website, you’ll get more clicks!


7. Don’t Use Too Many Ads


Don’t ever go overboard with your ads. Having too many advertisements will leave the reader confused as to where the information they’re looking for is at. If it looks like spam, you will definitely lose your visitor, and that’s something you want to avoid completely.

Readers are human like you and they don’t want to visit a website that is only made for Google AdSense. They are there for your content so make sure that the content has the most emphasis and attention. I would recommend a maximum of three advertisements on your website to get the best balance between content and ads.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 7 Google Adsense Tips. Don’t forgot to comment below if you’d like a free niche keyword for your website! 


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