SEO. It’s a term that people rarely know about and yet companies are desperate to integrate into their process. What is it really? Here I’ll be giving a quick and dirty 5 minute SEO guide and its most important aspect.


As you guys may already know, I’m in charge of Sales and Marketing in Tron Designs. We’ve run quite a few SEO campaigns for our clients, and I never hesitate to tell them the most important force behind good SEO.


Content is king.


Content is the single most important aspect that drives traffic and exposure to your company. Content is where all the keywords that drive traffic lie. For a company to have sustainable traffic, relevant content has to be constantly uploaded to the company’s site. It signals to the search engines such as Google that hey, this website is constantly being updated with relevant and useful knowledge! We should reward it by giving it a higher search position.


When your content is useful, all the other aspects of SEO come into place – you have a high retaining rate for readers, you have other websites that link to your content, and your website often appears during search.


Backlinks are also important but they only help if you have good content. Be wary of companies offering thousands of backlinks. It is highly likely that the backlinks are from trash sites – sites that are created to dump backlinks on. Backlinks only really help in sustainable traffic if they are on ‘high authority/PR sites’ – basically websites that are known in the industry for good content. News websites like CNN and Economist are places you definitely want backlinks on. Websites like are places you really want to avoid having backlinks on. Google actively punishes websites that have thousands of backlinks on trash sites – giving them an extremely low search ranking.


Also, if you engage a company who claims to help with Search Engine Submission, you better run as far away as you can. Years ago, Search Engine Submission would have been useful, but now that the search engines automatically “crawl” (visit) your website, Search Engine Submission has been rendered redundant. They are probably trying to charge you for a service that’s useless (and most of the time they don’t even have to do – because it’s automatic)


Hence, always remember that content is king. You’ll be safe in great hands. I hope you’ve enjoyed this short 5 minute SEO guide and it helps in your quest to get exposure! 



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